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Ansuvara Group

Nepal's Leading Business House

About Us

Ansuvara Group, a conglomerate business enterprise of Nepal that has a wide portfolio of leading business houses and magnificent history of investment in an abundance of lucrative ventures was established in 1993. The group continues to flourish as a responsible organization and is dedicated to intensifying entrepreneurial activity contributing towards national economic development. Ansuvara Group strongly believes that it has a pivotal role to play in shaping the destiny of evolving innovators and entrepreneurs of our nation and also diversifying the local economy components incorporating global trends and needs. At the Ansuvara Group, all our efforts are focused on strengthening communities and economies and building a great future for our country.

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The Logo

Ansuvara, the diacritic sign also known as Bindu is a point from where rays are beamed to shine the whole universe. The logo incorporates the intitial of the group name A and the thematic G for the group. The dot in the logo also known as bindu is a tribute to the Chairman Bindu Kumar Thapa.
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