Ansuvara group



Nepal is a tourist destination with tremendous tourism potentials. Pokhara is one of the ideal potential tourist destinations in Nepal due to some of its specific attributes like unspoiled nature, age-old culture and hospitality attributes of Pokharelis. The centrally located position of Pokhara on the tourism map of Nepal is strategically supportive to position it as an easily accessible and reachable tourist destination in shorter travel duration from the various parts of the country says various reports.

Keeping in mind the prospects of tourism industry, Ansuvara Group has started working on some tourism projects as well. The group owns two running projects, Bagaincha Wellness Resort Lakeside and Pokhara Boutique Hotel, Khahare.

Few tourism based business and industry are in the pipeline. The DPR of the upcoming agro based resort has been done and is under construction.  The picturesque view of the mountain range and lovely serenity of Fewa lake seen from the spot is sure to thrill the stay of tourist in the resort.

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